At Simon Ward Land & Property Specialists we can provide you with access to our network of specialist chartered surveyors, engineers, and planning consultants.


Although part of the Simon Ward Land & Property Specialist’s professional network, each surveyor and provider of professional services has an obligation to act independently and in your interest if instructed.  You must be clear and specific about the professional work you require to be undertaken so that both you and the provider of professional services can judge whether or not the provider has the capacity, ability and desire to carry out the professional work specified.  You must also obtain a clear written quotation of costs for the services to be undertaken, the method of delivery of those services together with an estimated timescale and a copy of the provider’s terms and conditions.

Entry into our network of professional services providers is based on our knowledge and experience of the provider’s professional history.   However we cannot accept any responsibility or liability for the quality of the services provided as you will, through instruction, have a direct professional relationship with the provider.

If you need assistance from one or more of these expert professionals please call 020 8761 1828 or email or complete and submit Contact Form below.

You can contact Jon Dean directly for specialist valuations at, and John Barkham for technical valuations and planning at


Please contact me about your specialist surveying/valuation/planning services